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Not too much going on (via my searching) since my last posting. I have seen several cases resolved (Pleas and sentencing). I diligently track the Washington State “Net Nanny” cases of which almost half of their total cases have been closed out ~90 out of 182. Most are encountering aggressive 5+ year sentences with only one acquittal that I’ve found. There are a LOT of trials looming over the next two-three months in these cases. As they close out, more stings continue (3-4 a year in WA). Remember, in these operations the police can lie and deceive. Be careful about trusting ANYONE on-line or via telephone. Let common sense prevail. Don’t do anything illegal or that you know is wrong (morally or ethically). If something seems to good to be true it probably is–that is what these stings are all about (and most things in life too). Avoid chatting with teens or young children online. BE SMART! Peter Aiken a lawyer does a good job of suggesting how to stay out of trouble. If it is too late for you, sorry to hear that–I recommend repentance and a lot of biblical reading. As humans we all have weaknesses and flaws and when the moral compass goes off pain results. So, expect a LONG road ahead with almost guaranteed (>80%) unfavorable results. I did the research and have included as much of the details/findings on this website (all in one place). Hopefully it will help you (or someone you know) in your battle but please prepare for the worst even if you have a great lawyer. Also, reflect, forgive (yourself and those who tricked you), repent and find a way to persevere (bible has many great stories of struggle).

We need to put the real “bad guys” behind bars and get help for those whom may be sexual deviant or were just lured into a potentially bad situation. Over 95% of the people who commit child sex crimes (page 46) are known to the victim (family/acquaintance). These STINGS target ~5% of the population whom are “strangers.” Good luck with catching any of those via these operations. A lot of “innocent” blood is being shed in the process.

Two quotes this time around (these two seem to fit well with these deceptive sting operations):

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. – Martin Luther King Jr. (1963)


Psalm 5: 8-12 (HSBC) – The Refuge of the Righteous

Lord, lead me in Your righteousness
because of my adversaries;
make Your way straight before me.

For there is nothing reliable in what they say;
destruction is within them;
their throat is an open grave;
they flatter with their tongues.

10 Punish them, God;
let them fall by their own schemes.
Drive them out because of their many crimes,
for they rebel against You.

11 But let all who take refuge in You rejoice;
let them shout for joy forever.
May You shelter them,
and may those who love Your name boast about You.

12 For You, Lord, bless the righteous one;
You surround him with favor like a shield.

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  1. Jason Mitchell

    I an going through a situation froma police sting also. I live in Tacoma it was out of Colorado in 2011 we need to fight the wrong and corruption of this country. My life has been rough now on 8 years of this I still am in shock of why I am in this situation.

    1. samuel Post author

      There are a couple good lawyers on the “lawyer” page out of Colorado but since your case is over it is a mute point. Good thing you weren’t caught in Tacoma (Pierce County) as there has been some very high bails there $500k–one guy managed to bail out and committed suicide. On the plus side they bring the felony down to a Class B for many cases though they have been staking up chargers to give many captured 85 month (7 year) sentences. Around 26 cases, all complete, 6 trials all guilty and remainder all plea out Guilty. Sorry to hear your situation with likely felony and SO on your record jobs maybe hard to come by working for other people. Stay strong and don’t give up.

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