2022 Stings

Sting Operations (2022)

All of the items below are related to Child Sex Sting Operations. Sting means the FBI or local law enforcement are using websites (often adult dating websites), social media, or messenger programs to lure suspected child predators to a location for arrest.

Last year in 2021, it was a banner year with over 667 individuals arrested in Sting Operations throughout the country. I have watched these sting operations grow over the years. In some states (WA for example) they have been slowed but other states are picking up the slack. With the DOJ/Federal Government funding ICAC and other similar programs it is THESE grants that have kept these stings going. But buy in by local prosecutors, judges, law enforcement allow it to keep going.  Splashing it on the media is a deterrent and will put the true predators on guard. I’ll continue to say it again and again that they are going way overboard on their prosecutions and over the top charges on those arrested. Be aware, if arrested in one of these stings you’ll likely end up with a felony and sex offender registration. Very few (<10%) dismissals or wins at trial take place. So, don’t end up as a statistic on this page! This, 2022, will be my last year of recording these sting operations.


  • 2022 Jan: Human Trafficking – Memphis, TN. An Human Trafficking sting arrested 9 individuals (including one woman). This is another sting which combines a child sex sting, prostitution, etc. and wraps it up into Human Trafficking. The new buzz word for the 2020’s. We all need to be very careful about these things. Is it a STING or are the infiltrating an ongoing operation. Essentially is it make believe? In most cases these days it is make believe, created by law enforcement.
  • 2022 Jan: Operation X-Posed – Mount Pleasant, SC. Sixteen men were arrested in this sting operation. ICAC involved also overtime pay. I wonder if money does influence these operations? Short answer = yes.
  • 2022 Jan: Sex Trafficking Sting – Twin Cities, MN. For men charged in undercover sting operation – seeking children. “Court documents say an undercover sex trafficking task force comprised of metro area agencies placed ads on websites offering prostitution services.” Do we really need to have these stings, especially on dating sites and perhaps they are bait and switch schemes.
  • 2022 Feb: Sting in Texas – Montgomery County, TX. A sting operation nabbed 10 more in Texas. Gotta love those stripped uniforms in the mug shots. This was a 60 sting and some of them did have CP. Run / aided by ICAC division.
  • 2022 Feb: Snowflake on Iceberg Sting – Utah County, UT. Apparently they have a HUGE problem with human trafficking in Utah. They arrested 21 individuals. Funding for this sting was provided by an outside questionable non profit organization. They plan to run 4 more operations in 2022!
  • 2022 Feb: Four from WV – West Virginia. The arrested 4 in a weekend sting operation. Men looking for minors they say.
  • 2022 Feb: Ten Charged – Tuscaloosa, AL. Ten were arrested in a sting operation. A LOT of agencies involved.
  • 2022 Feb: Operation Wolves Blanket – Walton County, FL. The swept up a dozen predators in another Florida sting. Apparently they were targeting minors, but maybe they were looking for a hookup. Another 4 day sting.
  • 2022 Mar: Operation March Sadness 2 – Polk County, FL. Another MASSIVE sting operation out of Florida washed up 108 people. Mostly a prostitution type sting but some what they deem human trafficking and child/minor crimes. Looks like only 4. Maybe people are getting savvy and not falling for the scams.
  • 2022 Mar: Luring Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV. A pair of men (pun intended) were arrested in another Las Vegas sting. As if that wasn’t enough they earned a three of a kind. Report here. He was a tourist from China who managed to get swept up in the sting op.
  • 2022 Mar: Michigan Sting – Michigan. A former police officer was arrested in this sting and 13 in total. Operation lasted over 4 months. Not sure how sting was run or what sites were targeted.
  • 2022 Mar: Federal Sting – South Dakota. Arrested 5 men on enticement of a minor in South Dakota.  Was a 4-5 day sting. Some individuals used the MeetMe app, another used Kix, and another Grindr. Seems like adult dating and hookup apps to me. Who is doing the enticing here? Of COURSE ICAC was involved.
  • 2022 Mar: Operation Thin Ice – St. John’s County, FL. This was conducted in October and reported here in Mar 2022. 14 men arrested for exploiting children in a 5 day sting operation.
  • 2022 Apr: Six Day Child Sex Sting – Marion County, FL. Twenty seven (27) arrested in the Orlando area.  One quote stated: Our detectives didn’t ask them to have sex. They are the ones who reached out. These predators go where children are. I hope this is true but I am suspicious.
  • 2022 Apr: Lucky 13 – Las Vegas, NV. I don’t know what it is about Las Vegas and these stings but they have just EXPLODED there in the last 2 years. I imagine the grants are out and the arrest keep the money flowing.
  • 2022 Apr: Operation Home Alone – Texas. Fifteen men arrested. This was an undercover operation targeting child predators. Or was it law enforcement luring individuals to commit acts they wouldn’t normal do (Entrapment)?
  • 2022 May: Operation April’s Fools – Tuson, AZ. Very large scale sting with arrest of 30 individuals. They state on the article “Throughout the operational period, undercover detectives placed ads on websites commonly sought out by suspects seeking illegal sex acts.” Maybe they mean prostitution type sites? Either way, most are not seeking minors until law enforcement suggest it. A lot of the charges are for luring minors or child sex crimes. Here are some details on 2 cases resolved – one thrown out.
  • 2022 May: South Carolina Sting – Lexington, SC. ICAC is involved in this arrest of 11 with undercovers on some social media (?) websites. Mugshots included.
  • 2022 May: Operation Rogue Wave – Panama City, FL. Twenty one arrested in just 4 days! They say “they’re out there literally searching the internet for your child.” I think you can say that ONLY if the undercovers were NOT on any hookup sites. Maybe we need to ban children, and I mean anyone under 18 from the internet?
  • 2022 May: Midwest Company – Johnson County, IND – If you can’t be them, join them. They managed to arrest 11 in this operation. Detectives set up fake profiles on sexual websites that depicted 14-year-olds. Okay, they admit to sexual websites. And maybe it is bait and switch and the 14 year old is really a 24 year old decoy? Be careful out there…might be best to only use PAID and protected dating and hookup sites.
  • 2022 May: Looking for Sexual Predators – MT. Plesant, MI – 7 arrested in this sting. The day of the event runs for multiple hours involving over 30 law enforcement and support personnel. That is quite heavy police presence. I’m guessing the grant funding helps.
  • 2022 Jul: Operation Watchdog – LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio – 7 arrested in this two day sting. They do not say how they found these individuals, perhaps online dating sites. Need to determine who is doing the luring here.
  • 2022 Sep: Back to Skool Sting – Phoenix, Arizona – 21 arrested in sting conducted by Homeland Security. “Undercover detectives placed ads on websites commonly sought out by suspects seeking illegal sex acts.” All this appears to mean is that these were very likely on adult dating and hookup like sites. Perhaps Grinder or Tinder, or skout or similar.
  • 2022 Nov: Big Indiana Sting – Johnson, County, IN – 20 men arrested! This was the 4th sting in last 2 years. It did not mention platforms.
  • 2022 Dec: Oregon Dec Sting – Clackamas, County, OR – 8 arrested. It notes “undercover investigators used a variety of social media sites” but doesn’t say which. Got files for these cases and it didn’t show which sites either, very suspect.
  • 2022 Dec: Full Press Arrest – Las Vegas, NV – “An undercover internet sting targeting people seeking to have sex with children led to 18 arrests in Las Vegas.” I’ve never seen anything like this, why is Las Vegas so engaged in these stings? No websites mentioned. Mugshots provided and names.
  • 2022 Dec: Undercover Sex Sting – Delaware, Count, PA – 6 arrested. A four day operation, ages 24-56. No websites mentioned.

I stopped keeping track about half way through the year so A LOT of stings from May – Nov didn’t make the list. There are definitely stings going on in this country (USA) throughout the year, every week. So 2-4 stings per month is about typical with general publicity and the arrest of 8-20 people in each sting. When they arrest 5 or less it may not even be reported. So 5 months and perhaps 50 people per month I certainly missed 200-400 more people arrested in my numbers. Stopping at 330 below. The progression shows STINGS are increasing with no will or desire to stop. It is just so easy to entrap people so why not. The police departments have nothing better to do as it appears crime is down. Pandemic is done. Time to fill our prisons with more criminals.


Total Arrested: 330.