2019 Stings

Sting Operations (2019)

All of the items below are related to Child Sex Sting Operations. Sting means the FBI or local law enforcement are using websites, social media, or messenger programs to lure suspected child predators to a location for arrest.

Last year, 2018, it there were over 500 individuals arrested in many large scale Sting Operations throughout the country. Let’s see what happens in 2019. Thus far it seems like there is no end in sight. If you get caught in one of these you will most likely walk away with a felony conviction, loss of $$, and sex offender registration. Thousands get caught in these stings per year even though this site only shows several hundred (outside the big stings).

  • 2019 Jan: California ICE contractor accused in Florida child sex sting. In Florida via California. Guy was accused of trying to lure a girl from Florida to California. Guy was arrested and brought to Florida–no bond.
  • 2019 Jan: Another Central Texas man snared in online child sex sting. Central Texas. A 42 year old man is charged with online solicitation of a minor.
  • 2019 Feb: Operation Intercept – Georgia. Sting during Super Bowl which arrested 21 men between the ages of 20 – 55. Quite a catch. Here is another article. These same departments also do prostitution sting ops and catch women and “John’s” as well. They claim around 169 for these type of operations.
  • 2019 Feb: Two day Operation – Duluth, MN. A two day operation captured 7 suspects ranging in age from 22-62. A 22 year old ended up taking his own life not long after arrested. It should be noted that suicide isn’t all that uncommon and it occurs in about 2-3% of these cases! The blood is on the hands of those who run these operations.
  • 2019 Feb: Net Nanny #15 – Olympia, WA. Net Nanny claimed another 22 suspects. Ranging in age from 17 to 59. Yes, they actually arrested a 17 year old! They claim they are up to 246 in these operations since 2015.
  • 2019 Feb: Nine Arrested – San Joaquin, CA police arrested nine men ages 24 – 69. “It began with benign ads about a teenager looking for friends posted to several websites Once an individual asked for sex, detectives arranged a meeting. ” Do you think the police did any of the luring? Who mentions sex first?
  • 2019 Feb: Operation “No Mulligans” – Mesa, AZ police arrested 17 men. Detectives placed ads on websites commonly sought out by suspects seeking illegal sex acts. Their ages ranged from 23-46. The arrests included a child care worker and a HS football coach.
  • 2019 Feb: Net Nanny with a Twist – Tacoma, WA. In this operation they used a Sex Offender to bring out a prostitute who expressed interest in younger girls. This is really reaching! Going after women (prostitutes) now.
  • 2019 Mar: Ex-Astro Prospect – Houston, TX. Nine men captured in sting operation including baseball player and 75 year old. Ages from 19 to 75. All are free on bond. Mugshots supplied.
  • 2019 Apr: Operation Do you know your Neighbor? Woodbine, GA. There were 11 men arrested in this operation with an interesting Mr. Rodgers name to it. All were apparently going to meet up with a child. Ages from 22 – 58. The ICAC task force is on the case again. Nine of these men were indicted on federal charges; perhaps they will be better off and get a lesser sentence and go to federal facility. Georgia has been tough on these Sting operations.
  • 2019 Apr: Mesa County Sting – Grand Junction, Colorado. A child sex sting captured 7 with ages ranging from 20 to 57. Also captured a few prostitutes.
  • 2019 Apr: NCAA Sting – Minnesota. A very broad sting operation occurred during the NCAA Final Four tournament in Minnesota resulting in 58 arrests and rescuing 28 “victims.” And 47 people were booked/charged some for solicitation of a minor and others for prostitution. This was a very large scale operation. Very unfortunate times ahead for those caught.
  • 2019 Apr: Three State Sting – Arrested a cop, a priest and a teacher in this three state (New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania) operation. A total of 16 men in a month long operation. Ages 26-55. Appears to be another randomly targeted sting.
  • 2019 May: Predators – That small state of Deleware is getting involved and took down 10 men: “Each one of those individuals is a predator.” Ages 22 to 54. If the news says it then it must be true? Or is this FAKE NEWS? As Trump Says “It is a very scary time for young men in America.”
  • 2019 May: Operation Southern Impact – Across 8 southern states 82 people were arrested! In Georgia 31 were arrested. They claim 17 children were recovered.
  • 2019 May: Utah County – A sting in Utah. Wonder if OUR was involved in this at all. Ages 19 – 60 were included in the 13 arrests. Most comments were negative, at least one person is correct in questioning what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
  • 2019 May: Montgomery County – Another 13 were arrested in NY state. Ages 24 to 60. Like the drug wars of the 80’s the convictions are easy to pile up.
  • 2019 May: Youngstown Area – The second operation in the area in 2019 (prior netted 8 men). In this operation 16 were arrested; ages 20 to 60. All facing felony charges.
  • 2019 May: Operation No Spring Fling – A huge sting in Polk County Florida: 154 arrested. This is a boom for the lawyers in the area. Many of these were due to prostitution sting. Some of course looking for a minor (hard to tell how many). Florida does it again!
  • 2019 Jun: Operation Predator – A large scale, multi-week operation out of Flint, Michigan. Arrests range in age from 22 to 71. It included a post on the “Dark Web” and a woman who tried to pimp out her 6 year old daughter (so I guess that is real). They have enough funding to keep the operation running for the rest of the year so be careful on those dating sites; you never know who is out there.
  • 2019 Jun: Operation Broken Heart – The big national sting arrested 19 in Mississippi. Ages range from 25-65. The larger operation arrested over 1700 nationwide. This Operation Broken Heart is one of the TWO large scale operations that tend to occur each year. It took place in May-June and involved 61 ICAC task force agencies. Here is an article out of Colorado on the 88 arrest made there.
  • 2019 Jun: Lehi, UT – There were 6 men arrested in this sting. Ages 19-47 years old. All charged with at least one second degree felony of enticing a minor by internet or text.
  • 2019 Jun: Abilene, TX – 13 Men in a 3 day sting operation. Ages 18 to 57. With the advent of social media, it’s incredibly easy to exploit children online
  • 2019 Jun: Jacksonville, FL – Operation Safe Summer: Another Florida sting with 22 arrested. Ages range from 19 to 49. Like shooting fish in a barrel. I think the sex sting is much like the drug stings in the 80’s. Back then we filled the prisons up with drug offenders/dealers. Now we are filling up the prisons with sex offenders.
  • 2019 Jul: Washington County, Oregon – Sting in Beaverton nets 6 people, mostly non-white men. Ages range from 22-40. Mug shots included with article.
  • 2019 Jul: Operation Triple Play – In coordination with the All Start (Baseball) game 28 men were charged with seeking child sex in the Cleveland area. Ages 20 to 67. Boy I think one could make a career out of defending all those arrested in these stings at this rate. I’m really suspicious of the effectiveness of the sting operation. Here is another link.
  • 2019 Jul: NY Sting – Hudson Falls, NY. They arrested 7 men ages 23-66 in this operation. Mugshots included–couple normal men, a couple sketchy looking characters. Many other men responded but they were only able to arrest 7.
  • 2019 Jul – Aug: Southern Arizona. 21 men arrested in a 5 day sting operation including a CBP officer. No one is immune!
  • 2019 Aug: Sturgis Rally Sting. In South Dakota 11 men were taken down, ages 23 – 68. Here is another link to show names, ages and city.
  • 2019 Aug: Alameda County, CA. A large sting out of California with arrest of 45 people. Apparently an area near a BART station is ground zero for child sex trafficking.
  • 2019 Aug: Operation Relentless Guardian A sting out of South Carolina led to the arrest of one of its own deputies. A total of 28 men were arrested in this operation. I believe 14 for soliciting a minor.
  • 2019 Sept: Operation Intercept VII. Another 23 arrested in Florida ranging in age from 21 to 77. The news article also list the 21 apps the police are utilizing. If you use them be aware. The cops are out there, one misstep and you two can become a part of one of these stings!
  • 2019 Sept: 104 arrested in Ohio. This was a major sting in the Ohio area. Only 24 were related to minors but the arrest did include an ER doctor and Youth director. There were 43 women arrested for trying to sell sex too.
  • 2019 Sept: Operation Just Cause. Not to be outdone Georgia is also a part of the act arresting 24 people (23 men, 1 woman). Ages 19 to 65. One guy was actually a registered sex offender using a smuggled cell phone to communicate from prison. Wild stuff.
  • 2019 Oct: Houston Sting. A heart surgeon was one of 8 men arrested in the Houston area. Ages 24-77.
  • 2019 Oct: Operation Deviant Desire. In Volusia County, Florida they are at it again with the arrest of 11 men. The Internet is a dangerous place.
  • 2019 Oct: Undercover Child Predator Sting. In Washington County Oregon another sting resulted in the arrest of 9 men. Ages 29 – 48. Lucky for these men the penalties are not as strict in Oregon.
  • 2019 Oct: The Dirty Dozen Part II. The GHOST task force arrested a dozen men out of Genesee County, MI. Ages range from 20 to 56.
  • 2019 Nov: Net Nanny #17. In Yakima, WA they arrested 16 ranging in age from 18 to 67. This time they pulled in Homeland Security, I suppose to try and get some illegals.
  • 2019 Nov: Operation Vigilant Shepherd in York County. In North Carolina they ran a sting which involved the local ICAC and attorney general arresting 10 including a teacher and marine.
  • 2019 Nov: Operation Keiki Shield Not to be left out our 50th state, Hawaii (Honolulu) made some arrests (3). Prior stings have led to the arrest of 22 others.
  • 2019 Nov: Don’t Mess with Texas Small sting operation arrests 6 ages 28 to 47.
  • 2019 Nov: Operation Snake Bite in Boise Idaho. This actually occurred in April 2019 where 4 men were arrested. This talks about final person sentencing being completed. All sentenced got 5 or 10 year sentences in prison all due to sting operation!
  • 2019 Dec: Human Trafficking in DuPont, WA. Everything about this seems like Net Nanny (#18). But they only arrested 4 people, ages 26-63 and used a human trafficking charge instead of attempt rape.
  • 2019 Dec: Ongoing Sting in Oregon. Two men from Washington were arrested in Oregon (they should be glad it was Oregon and not Washington). Ages 38 and 32. These are longer investigations, maybe targeted. They may get up to 18 months–but probably only 30 days in jail. If it were Washington state it would likely be 6-9 months.
  • 2019 Dec: Another Portland-Vancouver Sting. Five men from 23-42 were arrested seeking a 15 year old. One person was already a registered Sex Offender.

Operation Cross Country has been rebranded to Operation Independence Day. This is the largest operation in the country and usually occurs in October; it was skipped in 2018. It is BACK and stings were conducted in July. This statement seems to well represent the actions of law enforcement: Meanwhile, police make up for the dearth of actual rescue work by entrapping people into crimes there’s no indication they would otherwise have committed.

I’m very concerned about the increase in frequency and the large scale of these sting operations these days. Last year there were over 500 people arrested and this year is trending towards that number. And this is only the big operations that get major publicity. The real number is probably double or triple that. Seems there is too much federal money up for grabs to incentivize these operations.

Total Arrested: 581 + 1700 (Operation Broken Heart)