Life Stories

My intent below is to share stories from those whom have been caught up in Internet Sex Sting Operations. These stories will be from individuals captured or family members.

I’ll include links to stories I find on the internet until I hear from others whom have stories to share.

If you have a story to tell please send me an e-mail ( You can disguise names as needed. I would be nice to know general location (state) and year. Other items like how long it took to resolve, your resolution compared to others, if you went to trial, costs, impact, etc.

Your Stories (links to other websites):

  • Entrapped – This is Edwin “Trey” Gennette story on ArsTechnica.  He was able to fight the bait and switch actions by the police. He did take a plea and then had his case dismissed by a Florida appellate court. It all started by responding to a Craigslist ad. This is the first and probably the best article/story I’ve seen written on these sting operations.
  • Story of a real victim – From 2015. Details provided by lawyer of his client (victim in sting operation).
  • The Lady Justice Myth – Good blog on Washington State sting operation and putting another 20 year old in prison.

 Your Stories:

  • TBD