2021 Stings

Sting Operations (2021)

All of the items below are related to Child Sex Sting Operations. Sting means the FBI or local law enforcement are using websites (often adult dating websites), social media, or messenger programs to lure suspected child predators to a location for arrest.

Last year in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic/lock-down I noted over 656 individuals arrested in Sting Operations throughout the country. Every year these stings throughout the US seem to increase. Perhaps grants and other monetary funding keeps them going. I’m sure a lot has to do with money over public safety. Sure, splashing it on the media is a deterrent and will put the true predators on guard. I’ll continue to say it again and again that they are going way overboard on their prosecutions and over the top charges on those arrested. Be aware, if arrested in one of these stings you’ll likely end up with a felony and sex offender registration. Very few (<10%) dismissals or wins at trial take place. So, don’t end up as a statistic on this page!

  • 2021 Jan: Online Predator Sting – Bakersfield, CA arrested 11 men including a DOC employee. At least he will know what he is up against if/when he goes to prison. Ages 24-51.
  • 2021 Jan: Arrested Again – Two men in BATON ROUGE, LA were arrested in a sting. One was previously arrested. One guy was wearing his ankle monitor–previously arrested for CP possession. Things don’t look good for his future.
  • 2021 Jan: Online Child Sex Sting – ROBINSON, Texas arrested 6. Just remember if it is a minor online offering sex it is likely an undercover officer. You will go directly to jail.
  • 2021 Feb: FBI Sting Operation – Seattle, WA sting operation nabbed 4 men. Ages 26-33. Instead of the State doing the sting, it was and FBI sting. They have different charges and try to scare you with the mandatory minimum 10 years in prison for child enticement. These appear to be even more aggressive then the Net Nanny operations.
  • 2021 Feb: Operation Watchdog – Panama City, FL. Sting netted 38 people on various sex offender and child predator charges. Most of the Operation Watchdog arrests were made after monitoring online chats and social media accounts. Officials said social media accounts were used to prey on minors including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, chat apps such as Kik and WhatsApp, and email accounts. There are many violations listed including “failure to register” and other charges unrelated to sex with minors.
  • 2021 Feb: Operation Broken Hearts – Phoenix, AZ. A huge operation with 37 arrests (ages 21 to 66) for sex crimes against children in Arizona. The undercover operation targeted sexual predators engaged in child sex crimes and human trafficking. We need to be very careful with what the news says. When they do these stings on adult dating sites it is not “targeting” but rather going after and entrapping citizens.
  • 2021 Feb: Las Vegas, NV Sting – A small sting with 6 arrested in the Las Vegas area. Usually Nevada is a state where anything goes. There must be something going on for them to start cracking down. Perhaps a lot of GRANT money or boredom, or something. Back in the 80’s there was A LOT of drug crack downs. Now, it is Sex Stings and Human Trafficking.
  • 2021 Feb: Operation Safe Quarantine – South Jersey, NJ arrested 15 in a sting operation. The state ICAC was involved (of course). To be fair it does look like they arrested a few “guilty” suspects who should be getting help or perhaps doing time for what they are/have been doing. Quite an extensive article.
  • 2021 Feb: Northern MN Sex Trafficking Sting – Seven men arrested in Northern Minnesota. They have a task force that has been doing this since 2017.
  • 2021 Feb: Super Bowl Sting – Tampa Bay, FL. Every year in the city of the Super Bowl they hold a sting operation. They use to be prostitution, now they turned it into human trafficking to bring more attention to the issues. This year they arrested 71 people. I won’t list this in the numbers below as I’m not sure many/any were related to a child sex sting.

Total Arrested: 126 + 0 (Big Operations which occur 2-3x a year)