26-Mar-2021 – Patience in the Process

By | 26-March-2021


Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

It had been just over a year with no new “Net Nanny Stings” and then in March 2021 “Operation Day Care” happened in Pierce County. Very similar players, WSP MECTF division, and very similar tactics – going on Adult Dating sites like Badoo and eventually arresting someone who is willing to show up to meet a minor (so to speak). There was some turnover in the MECTF division and funding via OUR has ceased; all likely due to much continued pressure and evidence provided over the years in cases fighting these stings. It isn’t just Washington State doing these, California, Arizona and other states have EXPLODED with sting operations. All out there to grab ICAC grant money and fill the jail and prisons with suspected sex offenders all made through entrapment by the police. It is all a ruse and yes it is entrapment, manipulation and luring by law enforcement. It is allowed by the prosecutors, judges, courts and laws we have in this country. Those arrested have a slim chance of surviving this (1% – 5% by my calculations). Don’t get duped! Be VERY careful about who you are talking to on social media or online dating sites. There ARE people out there to trick you and cheat you and of course put you in jail/prison. All this would NEVER happen without the internet. In person it would be nearly impossible to convict any of the individuals arrested in these stings.

We will continue to follow these stings and dig up evidence to fight them. We will work to change laws and bring to light what is REALLY going on. It just takes time. It is important for everyone arrested to speak out and have their voices heard. We need to make sure that we get help for those who truly need it and have a more restorative justice program for many/all of the others. Going to Jail/Prison with long community custody times, felony record and sex offender registry doesn’t do any good for those arrested in these stings. Protecting the community by sacrificing its citizens is a walk back in time.


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