Helpful Websites

You know the old saying about the more you know… These are all the related/helpful websites I’ve come across during my research on internet sting operations:

Advocate Websites:

  • Florida Action Committee – A website dedicated to facts versus myths of sex offenders and reforming the SO registry. Goes beyond Florida with news content. Great advocate website in seeking reform in the draconian justice system.
  • Florida Sex Sting Blog – Nice Blog by lawyer Peter D. Aiken. Mostly about sting operations going down in Florida. There appears no end to the sting operations in Sunny Florida.
  • Florida Scandal – A blog on the truth about internet sting entrapment. An older blog that hasn’t been updated in a few years (2014). It does have a few good links (the ones that work) to other resources. This site is one of the best, if not THE best for information/links on sting operations.
  • Center for Sex Offender Management – A government run organization with lots of details and information on sex offender management. Also has a lot of good links to other sites.
  • ICAC Arrests (Florida) –  The original website ( is no longer available. There was a lots of good information on ICAC stings however the website sat idle for many years and wasn’t updated since 2014. The site expired and went offline around Aug 2018. You maybe able to use the Wayback archive to obtain some information.
    • Deposition Questions – Definitive questions that a defense attorney needs to get answers to during a pre-trial deposition or witness examination at trial. From ICAC Arrest website.
  • National Association for Rational Sex Offender Laws (NARSOL) – A website dedicated the current news, laws, and policy surrounding Sex Offender laws affection millions in the USA.
  • Tales from the Registry – Personal stories by people who have been harmed by oppressive sex offender registries.
  • Alliance for constitutional sex offense laws (ASOL) – An up to date site with news and details on related sex offense laws, offenders and related.
  • Once Fallen – A website of resources, research and advocacy. Written by someone whom landed on the registry.
  • Stop police internet sex stings petition – Website to petition congress to stop the stings. If nothing else it is a good website where other people post what happen to them or someone they know.
  • Voice for the Defense – Great website out of Texas which publishes a monthly magazine with great articles from a defense lawyer perspective. The Sept 2018 issue had an article on Sex Offender Registry as well as an article on child sexual abuse cases.
  • The Lady Justice Myth – A great blog (2018-2019) on Washington State’s Net Nanny sting operation and putting another 20 year old in prison. The follow-on website, with forum is: CAPS This is Citizens Against Proactive Stings.

Petition 2 Congress Websites:

Law Enforcement Websites (ICAC, DOJ):

  • ICAC Task Force Established (the law) – This law was established in the 2007 -2008 time frame. Check out this page on the law to see who sponsored and signed off on this bill.
  • ICAC Program Details – From the Department of Justice we have Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program details. This includes how much Federal Funding goes into this program per year ($27 Million from 2014-2017).
    • In 2016 more than 9,300 arrest were made. It is unknown how many in sting operations but my suspicion is perhaps 20-30% of their efforts.
  • ICAC Task Force Program – The Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) main website.
  • Review of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program – 2010 – 2011 Review. A bit old but notes 11k arrests. Likely all “proactive” operations are sting related. Broken down by State/local Police departments.
  • OJJDP ICAC Program – The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Internet Crimes Against Children  (ICAC) Task Force Program. This Department of Justice page talks about the program and funding.

Operation Net Nanny (WA State):