By | 25-May-2018

Well, it is now May and without Craigslist or Backpage are the stings still happening? Yes! The new method is more direct and using various SmartPhone apps. I’m not sure which ones are being used but possible ones may include: Tinder, snapchat, Grindr and dating sites like Meetme.com or PlentyoFish.com. At least 18 more were caught in Florida.

In Washington State they just sentenced a 70 year old man (caught last year) to 9 years in prison! Crazy. In Michigan an Ex-Teacher/Coach (57 years old) received a 2 year sentence–he plead guilty to four counts and received minimum sentence. One favorable ruling allowed a 20 year old man in Washington State to plea out to a non Sex Offense crime of criminal mischief and receive time served (3 days jail time).


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