2020 Stings

Sting Operations (2020)

All of the items below are related to Child Sex Sting Operations. Sting means the FBI or local law enforcement are using websites, social media, or messenger programs to lure suspected child predators to a location for arrest.

Last year in 2019, there were over 560 individuals arrested in many large scale Sting Operations throughout the country. This was even greater than the number arrested in the 2018 stings I tracked. It seems there is a rise in stings throughout the US. These bring in revenue and make easy cases for prosecutors to pad their numbers/successes. They will continue until we raise up and put an end to this nonsense. Why do we feel the need to increase are already overburdened prisons? As I’ve said before, if you get caught in one of these you will most likely walk away with a felony conviction, loss of $$, and sex offender registration. Thousands get caught in these stings per year even though this site only shows several hundred (outside the big stings). Below is the list of the stings I’ve come across. If you are arrested, be assured you are NOT alone.

  • 2020 Jan: Operation Silent Predator – Welcome to Phoenix where 27 predators ages 21 to 69 were arrested. Done via social media. One of the officers stated: Essentially, it’s like fishing. When you put the bait out, the fish will come Of course. What do you expect. We call it CATFISHING and the deception and lies are entrapping people. You can agree or not.
  • 2020 Jan: Net Nanny #18 – Everett, WA. Here it goes again, 7 more arrested in a Net Nanny sting operation. First of the new year. Ages 21 to 56. It appears some charges may have been dropped of the 7 arrested. Perhaps some commons sense and reasoning is prevailing?
  • 2020 Feb: Four day Sting – Georgia. The 14 arrested range in age from 24 to 57, including a Dean of a college. Nothing better for the media and police to rake these people over the coals–posting names and mug shots. Follow-up said they had NO TARGETS! Please put your critical thinking hat on. These stings ARE NOT REASONABLE and this should help emphasis that.
  • 2020 Feb: Kik you in the balls – A Pittsburgh firefighter was arrested (he used the Kik app) . This is one of those mothers pimping their daughter schemes. Who was luring who?
  • 2020 Feb: Durango Sting – I’m not sure where Durango is but 3 men between 30-44 were arrested using craigslist (which I thought didn’t do personal ads anymore). At least the reporter got a quote from an attorney from the Marshall Defense firm: It’s improper, Marshall said, “for police officers to set out to sexually arouse people then to punish them because they did unwise things while sexually aroused.”
  • 2020 Feb: Operation Unsportsmanlike Conduct – Ohio. There were 14 men arrested including a preschool teacher and counselor at Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. Ages range from 20-73.
  • 2020 Feb: Operation Caught in the Creek – A direct quote: Seven people have been arrested and 21 more will face charges after a “first of its kind” undercover child sex crimes sting. Ages 24-49 for the 7 arrested. The other 21 are pending. I’m a little concerned so many police departments are jumping into the act on these sting operations aren’t you?
  • 2020 Feb: FBI Child Sex Sting – Ages 21 to 50 in Kankakee County, Illinois. Some of these charges carry 10-15 years in prison!
  • 2020 Feb: Payne County – Three men arrested in Oklahoma sting, ages 25-37.
  • 2020 Mar: Guardians of Innocence #5 – Florida doesn’t stop even during the great COVID-19 pandemic. Sting occurred between March 10 – 16 and nabbed 16 men between 21 to 59. In Polk County Florida–where they probably run more of these operations than anywhere else.
  • 2020 Mar: Wailuku, Maui Sting – Who would think they would run a sting in Hawaii, on the island of Maui of all places? They did and were able to arrest at least 6 men. Those arrested were between 27 – 52.
  • 2020 Apr: Operation COVID Crackdown – Police in Virginia arrested 30 individuals from 20 – 74. Men looking to meet up with children they say. I wonder if they were all using adult websites looking to hook-up or date someone and got entrapped?
  • 2020 May: Waco STING during COVID-19 – Big sting in Waco, Texas resulted in arrest of 18 Men in the operation. Ages from 22-73.
  • 2020 May: Big increase in Internet Crimes – Chalk up 3 (Ages: 21, 24, and 41) more for George where apparently internet crime is on the rise. ” So far, in March and April 2020, the GBI task force as a whole has made 49 arrests. Compare that with 2019 in which the specialized task force made 474 arrests.”
  • 2020 May: Operation Quarantine – Hamilton County, Texas has a huge operation arresting 26 men ranging in age from 23 to 51. This operation began in March.
  • 2020 June: Lathrop Sting – Near Stockton, CA, they arrested 19 in a sting operation. You don’t see many stings in California so this is interesting. It was a two week operation arresting men ranging in age from 29- 72. We know the predators are out there, the numbers prove it.
  • 2020 June: FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS Sting – Madison County, IL. The virus doesn’t stop law enforcement. In this two day sting they arrested 14 between 27 and 56. The investigation was led by the FBI.

Total Arrested: 223 + 0 (Big Operations which occur 2-3x a year)