Acquittals, Appeals, and Hope

Not all cases end up in jail or prison. Some get acquitted (Not Guilty), some get a hung jury, others fight during an appeal and some get charges reduced or dismissed early on.

Different jurisdictions come down harder than others. I’ve seen probation and suspended sentences all the way up to some jail time to 5+ years in prison for being caught up in these sting operations. Even with no prior convictions people have gotten between 5-10 years prison time.

Many of these cases do NOT go to trial and end up pleading out. Some statistics out of Florida showed that out of 608 cases/entries there were 47 trials (7.73%) with 38 guilty and 9 not guilty verdicts. The general conclusion I drew from this is about 19-20% of cases going to trial won. These are not great odds but may worth pursuing with a good lawyer.

Though it can be hard to prove and most courts don’t accept the Entrapment defense that is what these cases really are. For entrapment one would need to prove (depending on jurisdiction) “that the police conduct would illegitimately ensnare normally law-abiding individuals in an illegal conversation they would not have otherwise pursued.” Could the conduct of the police induce a law-abiding person to commit these type of acts? To me the fact that SO MANY people, especially those with no priors, get caught up in this answers this question with a resounding YES.

Below are cases I found which offer Hope:

These articles are based on a quick Google search on “sex sting acquittal” and “child sex sting dismissed.” I dived about 5-6 pages deep. I suspect there are others, not every case is publicized (thank goodness). Most of these seem to have a good/reasonable defense (not going to door, conversation was aggressive by officers, outrageous conduct, etc.).

Last updated: 14-Aug-2018
Some of these stings publicly shame you when caught and then when you are found guilty or not. If anything I’ve posted is something that affects you and you are trying to diminish your internet presence please let me know and I’ll remove the content (link) and just put a blurb.