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  • U.S. v. McGILL – Court of Appeals case related to Craigslist Ad Sting Operation (2015). Case was affirmed – McGill received 120 month sentence.
  • State vs Palmer (Closing), (Voir Dire), Shea Llabre  – Case out of Florida won by Peter Aiken discovered on website. Includes document on Jury selection, chatter, and closing arguments. Three separate documents totaling over 200 pages.
  • Miller V State Order to DismissMTD-Violations – Another case out of Florida with motion to dismiss due to Entrapment and violation of Operational plan. Appeal Opinion.
  • State v. Patel – Supreme Court in Washington state on a 2nd degree attempt rape of a child Sting Operation. This was decided in 2010, the original verdict was upheld. This references two other similar cases. Here is the Appellant Brief, Petition for Review, and the Respondent Brief from the March 2010 Supreme Court Brief. This went into the decision which occurred in November 2010.
  • State v. Best (WA) – A sting operation that was dismissed at trial level, appealed by prosecutors and then reversed at the Appeals level. Looks like it will go back to trail. Original arrest in 2016, appeal verdict in 2018.
  • State v. Solomon (WA) – Very similar to the Best case above. This was also dismissed, sent to Appeals Court by prosecutors and upheld at the Appeals court. Interesting cases to compare at the Appeal level in the State of Washington. Verdict for this was May 2018. Additional/similar cases lost at trail are working their way through the process (~7 as of 2018).

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