Not too much going on (via my searching) since my last posting. I have seen several cases resolved (Pleas and sentencing). I diligently track the Washington State “Net Nanny” cases of which almost half of their total cases have been closed out ~90 out of 182. Most are encountering aggressive 5+ year sentences with only… Read More »


Summer begins tomorrow but I’m sure the stings will continue. Like shooting fish in a barrel. It seems there is NO END to this madness. The funding to conduct the stings is seemingly unlimited (we must stop the funding to limit the stings)! These investigators should be targeting REAL crimes, not making up situations and… Read More »


June has arrived and with it the end of the school year for many. Even with Craigslist and Backpage out the stings continue. It appears they are mostly using online Apps and Social Media. Remember, there is lots of funding for these things, upwards of $500k per state. It looks like this year will surpass… Read More »


Well, it is now May and without Craigslist or Backpage are the stings still happening? Yes! The new method is more direct and using various SmartPhone apps. I’m not sure which ones are being used but possible ones may include: Tinder, snapchat, Grindr and dating sites like Meetme.com or PlentyoFish.com. At least 18 more were… Read More »


Good news. President Trump (thank you) did sign the FOSTA-SESTA Bill last week (11-Apr-2018). This will shutdown the Craigslist personals and the Backpage.com website was seized (founder will also serve some time in prison for money laundering). This will be one less avenue for police to conduct their sting operations and one less avenue to… Read More »


In March the Senate and House passed an Anti-Trafficking Bill that resulted in Craigslist shutting down its Personals Section. It is known as FOSTA (HR-1865) and/or SESTA (97-2). Click this link (or do some searches) to learn more:  What To Know About The Terrible Anti-Trafficking Bill That Forced Craigslist To Shut Down Its Personals Section… Read More »


This website is a culmination of hundreds of hours of searching, reading, and research about sex sting operations. Until one is impacted (directly or via family member/friend) you really don’t think about the scale of these operations. Prostitution stings tend to be very large scale capturing hundreds of John’s often charged with misdemeanor and pay… Read More »


It looked like 2018 was off to a quiet start but in January there has been at least 24 captured in the easily found media publicized stings. We are probably on track for another 280+ captures (like last 3 years) not to mention the 1000+ major stings will take down. FY2017 had $27.6M in funding… Read More »


So far 2018 is off to a quiet start on stings. Most seem to be more limited and perhaps are targeting. With the hundreds of backlog perhaps courts are tied up and getting sick of these things–although most tend to end in Pleas there are still around 20% going to trial. Another item is the… Read More »


Many article links updated which include some statistics and Journal articles. I’m almost done with my updates; perhaps 5-10 more relevant articles/Journal publications are left. Of course new and additional undiscovered material exist. If I find anything interesting I’ll include a link. In other news, there was another BIG Net Nanny sting in Washington State… Read More »