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By | 20-April-2019

Matthew 18:6-7 (NIV)

“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!

I read passages from the Bible daily and came across the passage above from Matthew. I thought about these Sting Operations and how this is exactly what they are doing; causing someone to Stumble. They establish themselves on Craigslist (Adults posing as children or Adults pimping their children), Plenty of Fish, and other legit sites. People are going out there looking to hookup and get side tracked by these postings which are really quick to respond and begin luring in their “victims.” Granted they get a lot of responses, perhaps 500+ and many fall away. But are the 50 or so (10%) that continue the chat really predators? There is a lot of deception here–I can point you to many appeals showing the texting and luring going on. There is NO targeting in most of these stings either–they are randomly done. The public isn’t sympathetic and neither are juries.

Perhaps those looking to hook-up were a little bent. Some it took a little swaying but the sting officer was able to bend them a little further and get them to show up, arrest them and toss them in prison. And the courts are allowing this! In Washington State there are over 100 people serving 700 years in prison due to these stings over the past 4 years. I show over 95 pleas and 31 trials with 5 suicides and only 1 acquittal! These are easy pickings for law enforcement. It allows them to pad their numbers. It cost $30k+ to house an inmate in WA per year too. Plus, most of the people who fight these pay $30k plus to fight it and then appeal!

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  1. Aracely

    They also brag in court about how much experience they have doing this and being ICAC trained and certified, to earn the juries’ trust. Then they purposely leave out the fact that they don’t even follow ICAC standards. They direct the conversation to turn it into what they want it to be, playing with the minds of vulnerable individuals, instead of focusing on catching real predators, who are the ones that use manipulation to get something they want from someone. According to ICAC standards, law enforcement is not supposed to direct the conversation. They are supposed to let their targets do the manipulation/convincing to try to get “sex with the minor”, not the other way around. Real predators are not going to fall for some stranger pushing free sex on them (sex with a minor). That defeats their whole purpose of getting their thrill of fooling people and getting away with it.
    Anyone who posts an ad on an adult site, seeking sex and communicates with others about it, is not a victim of anything. Yes, statutory rape is a wrong and is a crime. However, that has not occurred in any sex sting operation cases. No one can prove that the sex would have occurred if it had been a real minor.
    No one goes onto adult sites seeking to have sex with minors, because it’s not realistic that there are actual minors on there volunteering free sex with adults and telling their real “minor” age, nor is it realistic that adults go onto adult sites volunteering free sex with their children, to adult strangers. It just doesn’t happen. Any sick individual who would do that, would at the very least be very careful about getting caught. Why would they advertise it on an adult site to strangers? That would be the easiest way to get caught and get locked up for it. Sick people like this get a thrill from getting away with things like this. They are not going to make it that easy to get caught.
    There is absolutely no logical reason for law enforcement to be seeking “child predators” on adult sites. It’s all just a stupid game for them, and they focus on catching vulnerable individuals, to turn them into what they need /want them to be, to serve their own purpose. It serves no one but themselves, and they don’t give a damn about destroying anyone’s life to get what they want. That’s complete opposite of what their jobs should be. Saying that they are “just doing their job” is complete BS.
    And if you want to call the men that have been caught in these traps “idiots” for getting trapped like this, well that’s no different from believing this BS about how this is just law enforcement “doing their jobs”. They’re making idiots out of many many people, because many people are easily falling for it and believing their lies too. We’ve all been idiots at some point for believing their lies and falling for BS like this. Predators and abusers love fooling people and getting away with it. Who are the real predators/abusers here? Predators are dangerous individuals because they are good at getting away with what they do. They typically do it by posing as “good people who do good things”. Competent law enforcement individuals know this, and they focus on the right things for the right reasons.


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