Stings/Traps or what many would call entrapment has been going on thousands of years. Look in the Bible under Matthew 12:15 and you’ll read the Pharisees went out and laid plans to trap him [Jesus] in his words. Not much has changed since then. We see this with scammers, politics and these sex sting operations.… Read More »


The Stings Continue We are closing in on 500 stings arrest this year–when you include big ones I find. I know there are MANY more out there. I’m sure many states are arresting 10-100 people each year (at least) so when I say 500, that is probably under reported by 2-10x that amount. I suspect… Read More »


Back to school time! Time for the big stings! Several new stings are reeling in the predators left and right. Not to be outdone it appears New Jersey and Arizona jumped into the act capturing 24 in each of their stings. I’m thinking there must be some kind of quota. Some kind of goal to… Read More »


There are many aspects of these “Sting Operations” that our on display in The Bible. Let’s start with the FIRST aspect–the Sting Operation itself: Genesis 3:1-6 (NIV): THE FALL 1 Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really… Read More »


Another big sting out of Washington State captured another 21 men including TWO 19 year olds (Net Nanny 13). Really? It seems these sting operations are changing. They use to be a Mother offering up her kids. Now it seems like it is a teenage girl (~13) doing the bait and switch. Most of the… Read More »


We are now at the end of July and well on our way to surpassing last years (at least what I have recorded) arrest numbers. High visibility with the me too movement and all these sexual allegations among known/popular individuals have apparently fed into these operations. It is kind of like the saying “The beatings… Read More »


Not too much going on (via my searching) since my last posting. I have seen several cases resolved (Pleas and sentencing). I diligently track the Washington State “Net Nanny” cases of which almost half of their total cases have been closed out ~90 out of 182. Most are encountering aggressive 5+ year sentences with only… Read More »


Summer begins tomorrow but I’m sure the stings will continue. Like shooting fish in a barrel. It seems there is NO END to this madness. The funding to conduct the stings is seemingly unlimited (we must stop the funding to limit the stings)! These investigators should be targeting REAL crimes, not making up situations and… Read More »


June has arrived and with it the end of the school year for many. Even with Craigslist and Backpage out the stings continue. It appears they are mostly using online Apps and Social Media. Remember, there is lots of funding for these things, upwards of $500k per state. It looks like this year will surpass… Read More »


Well, it is now May and without Craigslist or Backpage are the stings still happening? Yes! The new method is more direct and using various SmartPhone apps. I’m not sure which ones are being used but possible ones may include: Tinder, snapchat, Grindr and dating sites like Meetme.com or PlentyoFish.com. At least 18 more were… Read More »